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Gunther Nguyen Scores Big Double

After an open from Gunther Nguyen, John Deloach three-bets to 75,000 and then Nguyen moves all in. After tanking for over thirty seconds, Deloach makes the call to put Nguyen at risk.

Nguyen quickly flips over [KsKd] and is a favorite against the [Ac4c] of Deloach.

However, it's always a sweat as the flop comes out [2hQcKc] to give Dealoch the nut flush draw and the turn [5s] gives him straight outs. Luckily for Nguyen, the river is the [Qd] to give him a full house and he is shipped the substantial pot for the double up.

Gunther Nguyen - 570,000 John Deloach - 49,000


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