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H.O.R.S.E: Streckfus Bets Whole Way

Level 15: Blinds 3k/6k Limits 6k/12k

Limit Hold'em

Dara Taherpour opened and was two-bet by Mark Streckfus. Action folded back around to Taherpout who made the call and the players went heads up to a flop of [Jc7dAh].

Taherpour check-called a bet from Streckus and did the same on the [4d] turn.

On the river [8s] Taherpour checked once more to Streckfus who again put chips across the line. Taherpour quickly called but was then shown [AdKc] by Streckfus to which he quickly mucked to award Streckfus the pot.

Dara Taherpour: 185,000

Mark Streckfus: 155,000


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