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Hand Overturned to Save Hamalainen!

On a heads-up completed board of [Ad4c5d4s8c], Danny Nguyen and Toni Hamalainen got all the chips into the middle, with Nguyen covering.

Hamalainen tabled [8c8d2d2h] for eights full of fours but then Nguyen rolled over [Ah7d4d4s] for quad fours to scoop the hi-hand.

As for the lo-hand, it was first determined that Ngueyn had a superior hand with his 7-4 versus Hmalainen's 8-2.

The pot had already been pushed to Nguyen when Hamalainen asked to see it again and made the argument that his hand was better. At first, everyone disagreed, but then they slowly began to realize that he was right as Nguyen was actually playing a 7-5 low. After confirmation with the floor, it was ruled a chop and the chips were returned to Hamalainen after running the cameras to confirm the exact amount.


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