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Hinojosa On a Heater

Collin Rountree opened to 15,000 preflop and action folded around to Caesar Hinojosa who then three-bet to 50,000 from the big blind. Rountree quickly made the call and the two went to a flop of [9s7c6s].

Hinojosa then just ripped in his entire stack and Rountree asked for a count. After it was confirmed to be 265,000, Rountree shocked the table by making the call to put Hinojosa at risk.

"Agh, good call, I have ace-king," Hinojosa admitted as he tabled [AdKs], well behind Rountree's [8c9d] for top pair and open-ended.

Unfortunately for Rountree, the turn immediately came the [Kd] to give Hinojosa the lead and the river [Ah] only further improved him to two pair. Rountree was stone-faced as he counted out the chips to pay off while Hinojosa scooped the massive pot with a big smile.

Caesar Hinojosa - 645,000 Collin Rountree - 110,000


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