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PLO: "I've Seen This Movie Before"

Zachary Hammons opened to 26,000 and then David Wang potted it to 103,000 and the action folded to Stuart Wilkinson, who went into the tank.

"Oh, I've seen this movie before," Scott Dulaney commented, "That's all I'm saying, I've just seen this movie before." to which some of the players chuckled.

Wilkinson eventually made the call and Hammons got out of the way as the flop came [JcQd8h].

The action was on Wilkinson first, who then announced pot as he shoved a pile of chips into the middle, covering Wang.

"Well, that's a pretty sh*t flop," Wang smiled and shook his head, "Nice hand, you got it," he said as he tossed his cards into the muck.

Wilkinson then tabled [Jh10c10h9c] for the stone nuts and replied," I almost mucked it pre!" to which the entire table burst into laughter.


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