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"It was Suited!"

On a multi-way flop of [5h3dQs], Puneet Kapur led out for 3,000 and was called by Juan Paulino and Mohammad Bagheri.

On the turn [6d], Kapur moved all in for 17,700 and Paulino quickly made the call to put him at risk while Bagheri got out of the way.

Puneet Kapur: [Qh9h]

Juan Paulino: [5s6s]

Kapur would need to hit a queen, nine or three to stay alive, but the river [Ac] did not do it and he was sent to the rail.

"It was suited" Paulino laughed while his tablemates gave him some looks as he was pushed the pot.

Puneet Kapur: 0

Juan Paulino: 77,000


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