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James Dougherty Eliminated as Money Bubble Bursts

Level 16: Blinds 6k/12k/12k

On a heads-up turn of [10sjc7d7s], James Dougherty checked to Rauyl Garcia, who bet 30,000. Dougherty then check-raised to 90,000, which Garcia called to see the [qc] land on the river.

Dougherty then shoved all in, to which Garcia snap-called and flipped over [AsQs] for a rivered queen. Dougherty did not look too happy as he rolled over [kdqd] for an inferior pair of queens and he was eliminated on the money bubble after it was confirmed Garcia had him covered.

With this bustout, the remaining 17 players are now all in the money and are guaranteed $500 for their efforts.


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