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James Hendricks Eliminated in 10th Place ($500)

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

After a couple of players limped in, James Hendricks jammed all in for a not-so-small amount of 275,000 and James McCary snap-called as the other players folded.

James Hendricks: [AhKh]

James McCary: [KdKs]

McCary was a favorite going into this matchup, but he still needed to fade an ace to lock up the win. Fortunately for him, the board ran out [5s7cJs8hQc] to secure his win, eliminating Hendricks in 10th place.

"Well, what was I supposed to do?" Said Hendricks as he threw up his hands, "I mean if either one of us wins that were the chip leaders i had to go for it."

James Hendricks: 0

James McCary: 600,000


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