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Jared Stearns Eliminated in 9th Place by Kamoru Yusuf ($1,850)

Jared Stearns moved all in preflop for 225,000 and was called by Kamoru Yusuf and Angel Garcia to put him at risk.

The flop came out [Kc5d7h] and both players on the side checked through to the [6s] turn.

Yusuf then decided to move all in, covering Garcia who then went into the tank. After some deep thought, he decided to let it go and the cards were tabled.

Yusuf tables [KdQh] for top pair while Stearns flips over [4c4h] for an open-ended straight draw.

Unfortunately for Stearns, the river [Ks] only improved Yusuf to trip kings and he scooped the pot while Stearns was sent to the payout desk in 9th place.


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