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Jason Fitzpatrick Eliminated in 11th Place ($8,780)

Level 24: Blinds 20k/40k/40k

After a raise preflop by Jason Fitzpatrick and a call from Praise Ogwo, the two went to a flop of [8hJd7d].

Ogwo checked to Fitzpatrick, who continued for 110,000 but was then check-raised by Ogwo to 390,000. Apparently, this wasn't enough for Fitzpatrick as he then clicked it back to 890,000, to which Ogwo responded by moving all in, covering Fitzpatrick.

Fitzpatrick wasted no time to make the call, putting himself at risk as the cards were tabled in this massive pot.

Fitzpatrick flipped over pocket kings for an overpaid but his stomach dropped when Ogwo turned over pocket jacks for top set.

The runout of [6sAs] did not change anything and Ogwo was shipped the huge pot of over 3,000,000 while Fitzpatrick headed to the payout desk in 11th place.

Jason Fitzpatrick: 0

Praise Ogwo: 6,400,000


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