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Jason Sternberg Eliminated in 9th Place ($3,200)

In the very first hand at the final table, Jason Sternberg, Caesar Hinojosa, and Tony Lam all got their chips into the middle, with Lam covering.

Sternberg: [8h8d]

Hinojosa: [JcJd]

Lam: [AcQc]

Hinojosa was in the lead with his pocket jacks, but the flop of [Qs2s9c] gave Lam the upper hand as he made top pair. Not to be defeated so easily, Hinojosa then went runner-runner as it came [Kd10d] to give him a straight. He was then shipped the entire pot while Sternberg was eliminated in 9th place as the first casualty at the final table.


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