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Joe Eckford Eliminated in 16th ($1,920), Rachelle Park Exits in 15th ($2,340)

After a preflop betting war, all of the chips get into the middle between Joe Eckford and Caesar Hinojosa, who covers.

Eckford tables [10s10d] but is in second place to the [QsQd] of Hinojosa.

The flop oof [5dqh4h] immediately gives Hinojosa top set, and the turn [5c] leaves Eckford drawing dead. The board completes with the [Jh] and Hinojosa is awarded the pot along with the bounty while Eckford heads to the payout desk.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Ravhelle Park was eliminated in 15th place by Lam 'Peter' Tran.


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