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Joe Rubel Eliminated in 16th Place ($1,930)

On a heads-up turn of [6dAc4d9s], there was around 525,000 in the middle when Alfredo Trevino bet 300,000 and then Joe Rubel moved all in for around 550,000 total.

Trevino thought about it only for a few seconds before he announced a call to put Rubel at risk.

"You got the ace?" Rubel asked as he tabled [KsKh].

"Yeah," Trevino replied as he flipped over [Ah8d] for the lead.

The river was the brick [5c] and Trevino was shipped the pot while Rubel was eliminated in 16th place.

"Ugh, I played that so bad, should have just shoved pre... was trying to switch it up..." Rubel groaned as he headed to the payout desk.

Joe Rubel - Eliminated

Alfredo Trevino - 3,400,000

Joe Rubel


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