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Jones Doubles Twice

After the action folded to the blinds, Kelvin Jones moved all in from the small blind for close to 450,000 and after some deliberation, Brandon Eberle made the call to put him at risk.

Jones then quickly tabled [KhJc] and was ahead against the [Kc7s] of Eberle.

The runout of [KsAc3s8h4c] gave both players a pair of kings, but Jones' jack-kicker played and he was awarded the pot for the double.

The very next hand, on a flop of [3d7h10s], Jones moved all in for 620,000 and Sung Keem called to put him at risk.

Keem quickly flipped over [AcKs] but it was in second place to Jones' [Jh10c] for top pair. The runout of [JsKc] only improved Jones to two-pair and he was shipped the pot for yet another double.

Kelvin Jones - 1,700,000

Brandon Eberle - 800,000

Sung Keem - 1,500,000


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