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Karabasz's Boat Sunk by Mu's Stright Flush in Massive Pot

On a heads-up flop of [9c8s7c], Doug Karabasz checked to Tong Mu who bet 5,000. Karabasz quickly tossed out a calling chip and the two went to the turn [6s], which saw another check-call, this time for 18,000.

But when the river came the [8c], Karabasz decided to lead out for 35,000. Mu thought for a few seconds before he moved all in and Karabasz beat him into the pot, tabling [8h9h] for a big full house. Mu then shocked the table by rolling over [Jc10c] for a rivered straight flush, the absolute stone nuts.

The color drained from Karabasz's face as all of his chips were shipped over to Mu and he was left speechless as he took a picture of the sick beat.

Tong Mu - 357,500

Doug Karabasz - Eliminated


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