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Karim Bevans Eliminated in 5th Place ($4,450)

On a heads-up turn of [7h5h6cAs], Keith Norris moved all in for 1,900,000 who went deep into the tank.

After a good minute of thought, he finally made the call, putting himself at risk of elimination.

Karim Bevans: [AhJc9h5c]

Keith Norris: [Jd9s8h3d]

Norris had the lead with his flopped nut straight, but Bevans still had a lot of outs with his two-pair and flush draw, not to mention chop outs.

Unfortunately for him, the river came a brick [Kd] to ship the pot to Norris for a huge double and left Bevans extremely short.

Bevans then got it all in a few hands later and Norris busted him by hitting a pair of eights on the river to beat his pocket fours.


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