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Kings No Good against Martin

After a raise to 55,000 by Yossi Hadad, Brandon Martin moved all in for around 140,000 and then Loyd Guillot shipped over the top for more.

The action was then back on Hadad who spent some time in the tank before he decided to let his hand hit the muck.

Martin then turned over [Qs10s] while Martin confidently tabled [KdKh].

"Oh, classic flip," another player joked, and sure enough, the flop of [5s3c9s] was huge for Martin as he picked up a flush draw. Martin did not even get a chance to sweat as the [7s] immediately peeled on the turn to lock up the hand for him as the river fell the [8s]. Hadad was left shaking his head as he admitted to folding pocket sixes with the six of spades which would have made a straight flush.

Brandon Martin - 320,000

Loyd Guillot - 331,000


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