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Kris Burchfield Eliminated in 4th Place by Mesut Dundar ($5,300)

After an open to 450,000 by Mesut Dundar, the action was on Kris Burchfield.

"I told you guys I was gonna get fourth place... I'm all in," he announced as he slid his stack of 2,200,000 into the middle.

"Ok, I didn't get snapped off, that's a great sign," he said as he let out a dramatic sigh of relief as Dundar was in the tank.

After close to a full minute, Dundar decided to make the call, putting Burchfield at risk, tabling [6h6s].

"Oh, come on, that's a monster!" Burchfield exclaimed as he flipped over [ah5h], needing to improve.

The runout of [Qh7dJs8d6d] did not do it for him, however, and he was eliminated in 4th place, just as he promised.


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