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Kroetsch Check-Jams into Guillot

After an open by Daniel Rejc and three callers, the flop came out [Qs8s3h] and the action was checked to Loyd Guillot, who then made it 25,000 to go.

Hans Kroetsch then decided to get tricky and check-raised all in for around 80,000, which produced hasty folds from the other players. Guillot shrugged and quickly made the call to put Kroetsch at risk and tabled [KhQh] for top pair.

Kroetsch let out a sigh to signify he did not want a call and flipped over [ad5d] for just ace-high.

The board ran out [3c2s] for Guillot's queen to take down the pot, eliminating Kroetsch.


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