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1F: Lee KOs Vo and Rankin with Aces

On a three-way flop of [4s4c9d], James Lee checks to Phu Vo, who bets 6,500 and then Troy Rankin moves all in for 20,000.

Lee decided to just call, which resulted in a shove from Vo for a bit more, which Lee called to put him at risk as well.

Vo then flipped over [Qc9s] for two pair, Ranking showed [10d10h] for an over pair, but Lee had them both beat with [AsAd].

The turn [qs] gave Vo a few extra outs but the river was the brick [3h] for Lee to scoop the pot, eliminating both players.

Not to be discouraged, both Vo and Rankin have re-entered the tournament and have a fresh starting stack.

Lee - 108,000 Vo - 30,000 Rankin - 30,000


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