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Leobardo Zamora Doubles Up the Wrong Person

"I'm all in," Leobardo Zamora announces from the small blind and sets out a stack of chips.

"Shitt! I felt it coming too!" says big blind David Shaw and dramatically throws up his hands, as this bet covers him.

"F*ckit, I call," he announces and slides out the last of his chips, putting himself at risk.

He and the rest of the table were then surprised to see Zamora flip over [8d4s] while Shaw holds [Ad10d].

Shaw still had to sweat through the flop of [7c2c9d], but the [Ah] on the turn locked up the hand for him and the pot was pushed his way once the [3h] hit the river.

"Mannn, do NOT double him up," tablemate Adrian Curry shakes his head, "Anybody but him!"

David Shaw - 1,700,000

Leobardo Zamora - 975,000


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