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Flight G: Lopez Jr. Doesnt Believe

On a heads-up completed board of [Kh3d2d8c10h], Juan Lopez Jr. checked it over to Cord Garcia who then placed a bet of 130,000 into the already large pot.

Lopez Jr. then went into the tank, all the while Garcia was serenading him with his own original song, "You Don't Believe Me".

Eventually, Lopez Jr. grabbed a handful of chips and tossed them out to make the call.

"I got a ten, papi," Garcia announced as he tabled [10c4c] for a rivered pair of tens, and Lopez Jr. angrily mucked his hand to award him the pot.

"Wow, I knew you had him but I didn't think you would have THAT!" Tablemate Schuyler Thornton was amazed at what just took place.

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