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Magableh Forces Fold from Yusuf and Eliminates Xu

Kamoru Yusuf had made it 20,000 to go when Howard Xu shoved for 95,000, followed by a bigger shove from Abdul Magableh for around 135,000. The action then folded back to Yusuf who went into the tank.

"Ughh, tightest fold of the night," he announced and painfully threw away [10h10s].

Xu and Magableh then tabled their hands, Xu with [AhQh] and Magableh with [AsKd], sparking some controversy at the fold from Yusuf.

Nonetheless, the board ran out [9h2sJd6s7s] for Magableh to scoop the pot with his superior ace and Yusuf was left shaking his head.


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