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Manis Uses His 'One Time'

After some preflop shenanigans, all the chips between Daniel Manis, Sebastian Szymla, and Mehmet Cetinkaya found their way into the middle, with Szmla covering.

Daniel Manis: [Qh9h]

Mehmet Cetinkaya: [As10h]

Sebastian Szymla: [6s10s]

"I'd like to use my one-time at this moment," Manis declared, and sure enough, the flop came out [9d9s5h] to give him trip nines for a huge lead. The runout of [jd3c] changed nothing and he was awarded the pot for a triple-up.

Cetinkaya was then awarded the very small side pot but unfortunately exited soon after.

Sebastian Szymla - 390,000

Daniel Manis - 215,000

Mehmet Cetinkaya - 0


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