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McCary Fades Half the Deck to Eliminate Nawrocki

Level 20: Blinds 15k/30k/30k

On a three-way flop of [Kd3dAh], small blind Michael Nawrocki led-jammed for 225,000 into the pot of around 235,000. Big stack James McCary to his left made the call while Jason Serrano got out of the way.

Michael Nawrocki:[Jd10d]

James McCary: [Ad9c]

McCary currently had the lead with his pair of aces, but Nawrocki had a ton of outs with his straight and flush combo draw.

Unfortunately for him, the board went brick-brick with the [2hKh] runout and McCary was declared the victor, eliminating Nawrocki in the process.

Michael Nawrocki: 0

James McCary: 2,150,000


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