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McCauley Triples on Bubble

Level 16: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

On a three- way completed board of [Ad7c9s3c8d], Christopher McCauley had moved all in for close to 100,000 after a bet from Eric Eldridge.

Sean Hollifield then called behind, which left Eldridge in an awkward spot. After some thought, Eldrige also just called, and that's when they were shown [Jd10d] by McCauley for the stone nuts.

Hollifield showed [Ah8s] for a rivered two pair and Eldridge tabled [8c9d] for an inferior two-pair and both hands went straight into the muck as the large pot was pushed to McCauley for a triple-up.

Sean Hollifield: 250,000

Christopher McCauley: 440,000

Eric Eldridge: 725,000


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