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Melgarejo Jaime Eliminated in 19th Place ($500)

Level 17: Blinds 10k/15k/15k

Melgarejo Jaime moved all in with his last lone 1k chip in early position and was called in three spots before Rosario Gonzales moved all in for around 150,000. David Isgate also then moved all in for less while the other players got out of the way.

Melgarejo Jaime: [kh8s]

David Isgate: [ksqh]

Rosario Gonzalez: [ackc]

Jaime needed some serious help from the board, but the runout of [4dqs4h7h5s] ended up pairing Isgate's queen to win him the pot for a double-up, eliminating Jaime in the process.


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