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Mender's Aces Send Out Vora with Queens

Level 15: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

Anthony Mender opened to 16,000 and action folded around to Neil Vora who then three-bet to 50,000. When it got back to Mender, he paused for a few seconds before he announced that he was all in, covering Vora.

"Ughh," Vora sighed as he checked his hand again, "I mean I can never fold this," he said as he made the call to put himself at risk.

Neil Vora: [QcQh]

Anthony Mender: [AsAc]

Vora needed a lot of help to stay alive, but the runout of [Js2s10d7cJh] did not do it for him and he was eliminated two spots from the money.

Neil Vora: 0

Anthony Mender: 410,000


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