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Michael Eleby Scoops to Eliminate Raj Anshel

On a turn board of [2c3cQh7h], Raj Anshel was already all in when Michael Eleby bet 150,000 into the pot of almost 500,000. After thinking about it for a while, Basel Kikhia makes the call and they go to the river [Ad].

Both players decide to check and Eleby tables [KhQd] for top pair, king-kicker, which is good against Kikhia's [Kc6c] for the side pot.

Anshel then flips over [Qc10c] for an inferior kicker and is sent to the rail while Eleby takes the main pot as well.

Michael Eleby - 1,240,000

Basil Kikhia - 510,000

Raj Anshel - Eliminated


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