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Mildred Stawsky Eliminated in 9th Place ($2,840)

Level 25: Blinds 50k/100k/100k

Aclee Dudley opened to 300,000 but was then three-bet to 900,000 by Wladimir Schlosser.

Mildred Stawsky four-bet-jammed for much more and Dudley quickly got out of the way while Schlosser couldn't call fast enough to put her at risk.

Mildred Stawsky: [QhQd]

Wladimir Schlosser: [AsAh]

Stawsky needed a lot of help to stay alive, but the runout of [6d4d2s6h4h] could not do it for her and she was eliminated in 9th place for a payout of $2,840 for her efforts.

Mildred Stawsky: 0

Wladimir Schlosser: 6,600,000


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