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Moon Thanks His Lucky Stars

Level 13: Blinds 3k/6k/6k

After a brief betting war, Mark-Ellis Cortez and Jerome Moon got it all preflop, with Moon at risk.

Jerome Moon: [ahjd]

Mark-Ellis Cortez: [asqh]

"Good luck all-in," tablemate Ravee "Lucky" Sundara said to Moon, to which Cortez threw up his hands dramatically.

"What, I gotta root for the underdog here," Sundara responded with a laugh.

Well, Sundara's luck seemed to have worked as the flop came out [jh5s5c] to give Moon the lead with his ten. The board completed with [10d8s] to secure Moon's victory for the double-up while Cortez was left short.

Fortunately for Cortez, he was able to double up the very next hand when his ace-king held up against Joshua Hill with nine-ten suited.

Mark- Ellis Cortez: 90,000

Jerome Moon: 190,000


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