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Moss Locks it Up on Turn; Mays Exits

Level 20: Blinds 15k/30k/30k

Big stack Jim McDermott opened preflop to 75,000, but then Tremaine Moss moved all in for around 225,000. Then Danny Mays moved all in for around 375,000 right behind him and McDermott quickly laid down his hand.

The other two players then tabled their cards, with Moss at risk.

Tremaine Moss: [KhKc]

Danny Mays: [QhQd]

Moss was already a favorite with his pocket kings, but the [kc9cjc] flop solidified his lead with top set of kings, even though it did give Mays a gutshot straight draw.

Fortunately for him, the turn came the [9h] to give him the nut full-house and the river [7d] changed nothing. Moss was then pushed the pot for a successful double-up while Mays was left with only a few big blinds and ended up busting a few hands later.

Jim McDermott: 2,100,000

Tremaine Moss: 500,000

Danny Mays: 0

Tremaine Moss

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