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Mystery Bounty: Peter Tran Eliminated in 11th Place, Sung Keem Exits in 10th ($2,750)

Abdul 'Mike' Magableh moved all in preflop for around 650,000 and Peter Tran called behind for less while the rest of the table got out of the way.

Magableh tabled [6c6h] while Tran flipped over [AsQc], needing to improve.

unfortunately for Tran, the runout of [4d4s8h3c6s] gave Magableh a full house and he was sent to the rail in 11th place.

Meanwhile, at the other table, Sung Keem and Caesar Hinojosa got it all in, with Keem at risk.

Keem was ahead with [AsJs] against the [Ah6h] of Hinojosa, but the runout of [Kh6h8s10d2c] gave the win to Hinojosa and Keem was sent to the payout desk in 10th place.


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