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Netanel Triples with Aces; Thompson Re-Enters

Level 4: Blinds 300/600/600

After Chandler Netanel four-bet preflop to 12,000, he received 3 callers and went to the flop of [6hqc5h].

Netanel then ripped it all in for a total of 24,400 and Yogesh Satra to his left quickly got out of the way. The action was then on James Thompson, who thought about it for a few moments before moving all in himself. The remaining player tossed his cards to the muck and the cards were tabled, with Natanel at risk.

Chandler Netanel: [AdAh]

James Thompson: [8h8s]

"Nice hand," Thompson said to Netanel as he saw what he was up against, although he could still spike an eight to win.

The river came the [6s] which meant Netanel's aces prevailed and he was shipped the huge pot for almost a full triple-up.

Meanwhile, Thompson was left with only 3,300 and he busted the next hand when his nine-ten offsuit wa bested by Satra's ace-four offsuit. He then re-entered the tournament and was placed in the exact same seat .

James Thompson: 40,000

Chandler Netanel: 95,000

Yogesh Satra: 90,000

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