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Nguyen Doubles; Harwell Exits

Son Nguyen limped UTG, then Kaleb Harwell opened to 115,000 and was called by Jason Gooch, but when action folded to Nguyen, he limp-jammed for 690,000.

After thinking about it for a few seconds, Harwell shoved over the top for around 800,000 and Gooch painfully laid down his cards.

Harwell then tabled [AcKs] but Nguyen had him crushed with [KhKc].

The flop of [Kd9h6d] meant only running aces would save Harwell, but the board of [2dQd] did not do it and the pot was shipped over to Nguyen for the big double.

Left with crumbs, Harwell ended up busting a few hands later.

Son Nguyen - 1,900,000

Kaleb Harwel - Eliminated


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