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Nguyen Has Both

Level 15: Blinds 5k/10k/10k

On a heads-up turn of [9s5dJd6d], Jared Stearns was first to act from the small blind when he led out for 20,000 but was then raised to 75,000 by Thomas Nguyen.

Duke made the call and the duo went to the river [2s] which saw another check from Stearns.

Nguyen then set out a bet of 100,000 and the action was back on Stearns who went into the tank.

"What do you have here? Seven-eight? Diamonds? Stearns questioned aloud.

"Why can't I have both?" Nguyen replied with a smile.

And with that, Duke set out a stack of chips to make the call, and much to everyone's surprise, Nguyen rolled over [7d8d] just as he said.

Duke just shook his head and flashed pocket jacks before throwing it into the muck to award the substantial pot to Nguyen.

Left with only around 20,000, Stearns got it all in the very next hand but was unsuccessful in his double-up attempt and was sent to the rail.

Jared Stearns: 0

Thomas Nguen: 370,000


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