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Niyati Knocks out Cha and Doubles

Short-stacked Sean Cha open-shoved for 33,000 and Joshua Broadway made the call, but then Pejman 'Primo' Niyati moved all in for 90,000 effective. The action folded back to Broadway who thought for a few moments before he shrugged and made the call to put Niyati at risk as well.

Cha: [9s10s]

Niyati: [7d7c]

Broadway: [KsQh]

Niyati started off ahead with his pair of sevens, and the flop of [7sJc5c] sure made things easier for him as he made middle set. The runout of [2h2d] further improved him to a full house and he scooped the pot for a big double, eliminating Cha in the process.

Sean Cha - 0

Pejman 'Primo' Niyati - 223,000

Joshua Broadway - 174,000


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