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NL: Dinh Gets Max Value

Level 14: Blinds 2k/4k/4k

Niraj Kataria opened to 6,500 under-the-gun and received two calls before Linh DInh in the big blind three-bet to 35,000. Kataria was the only one to make the call and the two went heads-up to a flop of [9s8h4c].

Dinh continued for 37,000 and Kataria decided he was going to stick around and made the call to see the [ac] appear on the turn.

Dinh then upped his bet sizing to 80,000 and Kataria once again made the call.

The river came the [5s] and Dinh fired a third for 80,000 and Kataria quickly called once more.

Dinh then tabled [AsKh] for top-pair top-kicker and Kataria shook his head and held a quick hand funeral before he threw his cards into the muck.

The sizeable pot was then pushed Dinh's way to boost his stack to over 500,000.

Linh Din: 515,000

Niraj Kataria: 150,000


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