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No Sweat for Gibson

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

Nancy Jauregui moved all in preflop for 51,000 and was called by Niraj Kataria, but then John Gibson shoved over the top, covering both.

Kataria promptly made the fold but showed [9h9d] as he tossed them face-up into the muck.

"Why would you do that!?" Jauregui sighed dramatically as she also tabled [9c9s].

"Because he has aces or kings for sure!" Kataria responded, as Gibson then proudly turned over [AhA] to prove his point.

With all of her set outs gone, Jauregui could now only hit a straight or a flush to win.

The board did her no favors, however, as it ran out [3h4c7c4d2c] to send her to the rail as Gibson raked in the pot.

Meanwhile, Kataria was patting himself on the back for making the fold.


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