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Normand Finishes Cabrales

After losing the big hand previously to Derek Normand, Enael Cabrales moved all in preflop for 23,500 and Sang Ngo made the call behind. The action then folded to Normand, who then raised it up to 108,500, and Ngo begrudgingly folded.

Cabrales flipped over [Ad9s] but then Normand tabled a superior [AcQh].

And if Normand still didn't feel good about his hand, the flop of [Qs8hQd] changed that real quick as he immediately flopped Cabrales dead to a chop. Only running aces could save him from being eliminated but the [6h] on the turn dashed those hopes and he was eliminated as the river came the [2c].

"Well damn, I wish I would have known that was the flop, I would have just called!" Normand laughed as he raked in the pot.


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