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Normand on Fire; Chiplead Grows as Sheers Exits

Short-stacked Matthew Sheers moved all in preflop and was called by both Derek Normand and Sang Ngo to put him at risk.

The flop came out [KsKd10c] and the action went check-check to see the turn [10s]. Normand then led out for 21,500 and Ngo made the call to see the [5d] on the river. Normand then slid out a stack worth 106,500 and Ngo thought for a bit before he decided to make the call.

Normand then proudly turned over [KcJc] for the big full house and Ngo quickly mucked while Sheers shook his head and tabled [Ac7s] for ace-high that was no good and he was sent to the rail in 11th place.


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