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Normand Puts Himself in a Cage

After three-betting Chris Staats, Derek Normand led out for 43,000 on a flop of [2s6d4c] and Staats made the call to see the [Qs] turn.

Normand then fired again for 95,000 and Staats didn't seem to believe him as he quickly tossed out the necessary chips.

On the river [4h], Normand emptied the clip and shoved for 234,000, sending Staats into the tank.

After over a minute Staats shook his head and made the laydown, to which Normand showed him the [Qc2c] monster.

"Why would you even show me that? Man, this guy is so bad," Staats said aloud, "What were you gonna do if the queen didn't come on the turn??"

"We were gonna find out," Normand just shrugged and laughed it off, but Staats wasn't finished.

"You three-bet me with queen-deuce, you realize you just put yourself in a cage with me for the rest of the day.... oh, this is going to be fun,"

Derek Normand: 660,000

Chris Staats: 610,000

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