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Obar Spikes Case Queen in Massive Pot

Aklilu Harvey, Jessica Richards, and Josh Obar all got the money in preflop in a massive pot, with Richards covering.

Aklilu Harvey: [Ad2c]

Josh Obar: [QsQh]

Jessica Richards: [AsAc]

"Ok, give me some spades," Obar said as he realized he was in second place, but then realized Richards also had spades covered.

"Ok then give me the case queen!" He pleaded with the poker gods, and his prayers were answered as the flop came out [KcQc4h] to give middle set for the lead.

The turn [3h] gave Harvey wheel outs but the river [9s] was a brick and Obar scooped the entire pot of 1,530,000 while Harvey was eliminated and Richards was left with only 215,000.

"That was the case queen, too," Richards sighed at the fact that Eisenberg folded ace-queen preflop to leave Obar with one out.


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