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Panjwani Gets Paid

Level 14: Blinds 4k/8k/8k

On a heads-up turn of [3s7s9s3c]. KC Panjwani bet 30,000 into the pot of 43,000 and his opponent Randall Cummins went into the tank.

After a good while, Cummins made the call and the duo saw the river fall the [Jc]. Panjwani then announced a bet of 50,000 and Cummins quickly made the call.

"I have a jack," Cummins announced as he turned over [AhJs], but it was no good as Panjwani flipped over [3s4s] for a flopped flush to win the pot.

Randall Cummins: 105,000

KC Panjwani: 435,000


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