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Park Triples Up; Performs Dance Number

Ravee "Lucky" Sundara opened to 26,000 preflop and then Rachelle Park moved all in for a total of 78,000, which was called by big stack Cord Garcia.

After some time in the tank, Sundara then decided to move all in for around 300,000 total and Garcia quickly got out of the way.

Rachelle Park: [QdJd]

Ravee "Lucky" Sundara: [9c9h]

Park needed some help in this flip, and she sure got it when the flop came out [5cJsQs] to give her two pair right out of the gate. The board completed with [5h10d] to secure her victory for a nice triple-up, which prompted her to jump out of her seat and do a celebratory dance, much to the table's enjoyment.

"Well shoot, I'll double you up again if you do another dance," Sundara laughed as Park stacked her new chips.

Ravee "Lucky" Sundara: 260,000

Rachelle Park: 240,000


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