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Paulino Gets There

Level 10: Blinds 1k/2k/2k

Kimberly Crozier moved all in preflop for 18,000 and was called by Juan Paulino and Phu Vo to put her at risk.

The flop came out a very lucky [8d8s8c] and Paulino quickly moved all in, followed by a speedy call from Vo and the cards were tabled.

Kimberly Crozier: [Ad5s]

Juan Paulino: [KcQc]

Phu Vo: [AsQh]

Vo was in the lead with his ace-queen high, but the turn came the [Kh] to Paulino ahead with his full house and the river [2d] was a brick. Paulino was awarded the pot for more than a double-up while Crozier was sent to the rail.


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