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Pejman 'Primo' Niyati Exits in 14th ($930)

On a flop of [Qd8d2h], Pejman 'Primo' Niyati led out for 50,000 and Andrew Koenigsberg moved all in to cover.

Niyati quickly put his chips in the middle to risk his tournament life and the cards were tabled.

Pejman 'Primo' Niyati: [Qc10c9s8h]

Andrew Koenigsberg: [AdJdJs4s]

Niyati was ahead with his flopped two-pair, but he still needed to dodge the nut flush draw of Koenigsberg.

Unfortunately for Niyati, the runout came [As2c] to counterfeit him and Koenigsberg won the pot with his aces and deuces.


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