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Perfect Turn for Pham

Trung Pham raised to 4,500 preflop from the hijack and was called by Matthew White in the cutoff.

On a flop of [9hKd10d], Pham continued for 3,000 and was quickly called by White to see the [6d] on the turn.

Pham fired again for 6,000 and White made the call and the two players saw the [ks] fall on the river.

Pham then set out a large bet of 32,500 and White briefly went into the tank before stacking up his chips and made the call.

He was then shown [qcjd] by Pham for the flopped straight while White shook his head and flipped over [7h8h] for a smaller straight on the turn.

Pham was pushed the substantial pot to boost him to 160,000 while White was left short.

Trung Pham: 165,000

Matthew White: 13,000


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