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Pham Cracks Cooper

Joseph Pham opened to 12,000 and then was three-bet to 37,000 by Robert Cooper. Pham made the call and the duo went to a flop of [KsKh10s].

Cooper was first to act and looked like he was not happy with the flop but announced he was all in to which Pham snap-called by throwing in a chip.

"God mother f***ing d***nit, I knew it," Cooper was really unhappy now as he flipped over [AhAd] that he knew was already beat.

Pham then flipped over [KdQs] for trip kings to prove Cooper right.

The board ran out [7h2h] to secure Pham's victory for the double-up to 200,000 while Cooper was left with only 9,000.

Cooper then got it all in the very next hand but was unable to survive elimination and headed to the exit while Pham picked up another couple of pots to pad his stack.

Joseph Pham: 290,000

Robert Cooper: 0


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