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PLO: Day 1B Ends in Dramatic Fashion

With just four players remaining in Event #3, a massive three-way all-in broke out between Jignash Patel, Troy Carpenter, and David Shaw.

Carpenter had a pair and a flush draw while Shaw had the nut flush draw, and Patel had the best of it with just bottom set of fours and the flush blockers.

The turn immediately cut out the drama as it came the final four to give Patel quads. SInce he covered both opponents, he scored a double knockout in the process and play was stopped for the day. Shaw was awarded $600 plus bounties for his fourth-place finish and Carpenter will be awarded the min-cash plus bounties for his third-place cash.

Jignash Patel: 738,000 (32 Bounties)

Thomas HIckner: 252,000 (12 Bounties)


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